Tone Chimes (Timber Frame)



size: approx. W1m x H1.4m

materials: aluminium box section, galvanised and stainless steel, HDPE sheet




A set of 8 tuned aluminium chimes producing an enchanting, harmonious tone. The chimes work like a giant tuning fork with a built-in resonator to amplify and enhance the sound. The Tone Chimes can be produced with a pentatonic or diatonic scale – please specify when ordering. With no moving parts, these chimes are very easy to access and to maintain. The chimes are mounted on an HDPE back plate which is fitted to our standard timber legs (not pictured). A wall-mounted version can also be supplied, if preferred. For playing the chimes, we recommend using our specially developed skateboard wheel beaters which have the ideal hardness for bringing out the beautiful tone! Tethered beaters are available at £115/pair.