2 x Tethered or 6 x Loose Beaters


materials: golf balls, plastic handles, stainless steel and copper cables and fixings



Our hardwearing, all-weather beaters are made from repurposed golf balls which have just the right weight and texture for playing our xylophone and metallophone instruments. We offer a choice of permanently tethered beaters, sold in pairs, or sets of 6 loose beaters. The tethered beaters are ideal for unsupervised areas while the loose beaters allow schools and supervised sites to regulate use of the instruments. Our tethered beaters are entirely hand made using stainless steel and marine-grade materials throughout. A swivelled handle eliminates any risk of twisting or stress on the components. The cables are terminated with an M8 x 80mm stainless steel screw eye for fitting to a wooden post or a stainless steel clip for attaching to our steel frame instruments. Alternative terminations including eyebolts are available on request.