2 x Tethered or 6 x Loose Beaters


materials: plastic handles, golf balls, stainless steel cable and fixings



Most tuned percussion instruments will need reliable beaters to play them with. These can be permanently tethered to the instrument, which is generally best for unsupervised instruments, or they can be supplied loose – this can have advantages for schools and supervised sites where play may need to be regulated. We offer colourful, highly durable beaters made from repurposed golf balls which are suitable for all of our instruments except the Tone Chimes and Pipe Drums. (We have developed a softer beater for the Tone Chimes and the drums are best played by hand). Loose beaters can be purchased in sets of 6 and tethered beaters are supplied in pairs. The tethered beaters are connected to stainless steel wall plates that are screwed to the legs of the Timber- or Arch Frame models. The tethered beaters for the Steel Frame models connect directly to the frame with a stainless steel link. We use PVC coated stainless steel cables, heavy-duty swivels and marine grade fixings to prevent the wires from twisting or corroding.